Felt like working on something fast and fun this morning to loosen up. Chose American Vampire (Pearl in particular) as a subject because it's an amazing comic book series & Rafael Albuquerque's work on the series is incredible and inspiring. If you haven't read it, do it.

Started out with a quick sketch to get my overall image, trying to get everything in as fast as possible at this stage with as much energy & expression as possible.
Initial rough
With inks i'm refining the details/lighting/proportion etc. but always trying to maintain as much of that energy that was in the initial sketch as possible. It's always easy to get caught up in rendering & detail so much so that the image starts to look static & lifeless.
Then i'll experiment with colours and textures/brushes (that i've created with traditional mediums) to drive home the overall mood & feel i'm going for with the illustration.
Final illustration



Every so often as an exercise i sit down and thumbnail as many image concepts and compositions as i possibly can. Anything and everything that comes into my head. It's a nice way to loosen up my hand before a big days work, and a good resource to look back on when i'm looking for inspiration or ideas (that is, if i can decipher the scribbles). So when i was thinking of something to draw for the OzComics Saga draw-off a few weeks back i remembered this little rough i'd done and thought it'd be the perfect fit. And it was! Having that third element (Hazel, the baby), added something that was missing from the original composition, that really sets off the image nicely.

I'm a big fan of this series and these characters, so this was a pleasure to draw. Everyone should be reading Saga!
Initial composition sketch

Saga Inks

Saga Colours